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The DEA Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association, Inc. (“DEACAAA”) is a community-based and
supported organization, who’s purpose is to support the vital mission of the Drug Enforcement
Administration. The membership is comprised of a cross-section of community and business
leaders and is designed to inform and foster understanding of the work of the DEA, and promote a safer society through drug education.

The DEA Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association, though a completely separate entity from the
DEA, will adhere to the highest levels of professional ethics with our mission, resources, mandates and statutory limitations of local, state and federal law enforcement.

Each member of the DEA Citizens’ Academy will be a graduate of a DEA appointed and
conducted DEA Citizens’ Academy curriculum with a focus on the relevant federal law
enforcement issues and future challenges. Only successful DEA Citizens’ Academy graduates
are eligible for participation in DEACAAA.

DEACAAA shall meet periodically to update members on federal law enforcement issues of
interest to DEA Citizens’ Academy graduates and provide continuing education on state and
local law enforcement responsibilities and, upon notice, meet for the resolution of those issues
relevant to the proper administration of DEACAAA.

The DEA Citizens' Academy Alumni Association, Inc. is a community-based and supported organization, distinct and independent from the United States Drug Enforcement Administration. Display of the words 'Drug Enforcement Administration' or the initials 'DEA' or any colorable imitation of such words or initials on this website does not constitute an endorsement by the DEA of DEACAAA, or any of its products, services or fundraising events.

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